Craft beer


Client: Efes

Work: New brand development, packaging design


The beer market has been experiencing an increased demand for craft beer from small breweries for a while now. There is a growing interest in the product, not in the brand. We are witnessing decentralization of demand – products of regional origin are becoming more popular as consumers find them more natural.

Given these trends, EFES Russia decided to launch a new beer brand produced at a small brewery in Kaluga. For this brand, it was necessary to create an intuitive design that would show the product’s uniqueness and craftsmanship at the first glance.


After thorough product research, there were identified three main characteristics, which became the basis for the infographic concept and gave the name to the new beer brand - 387:

- 3 kinds of malt: light, caramel and burnt;

- 8 hours of brewing in copper vats;

- 7 days of natural fermentation.

Large numbers on the label catch the customer’s eye, while the icons explain the advantages of the brand. Craft paper symbolizes natural origin, and a red bottleneck label helps the product stand out on the shelf and draws attention to the brewery where the new beer is made.


387 is not just a new brand in the Efes portfolio, but also an important step for the beer industry as a whole. It changes the face of the category, turning to the most demanding aspect of mass consumerism.

The brand was launched in May 2014 and already in August, it met the sales target for 2014 and 2015. In 2015 its revenues accounted for 1 bln rubles, and in early 2016 Forbes put 387 in the top ten most successful brand launches.

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