Amsterdam Navigator

Amsterdam Navigator

Client: Efes Russia

Work: New label and bottle design


In Russia, beer traditionally occupies the first place in consumption of alcoholic beverages. However, starting from 2008, despite its leadership the beer market has been shrinking by 2 to 3% per year. Consumers are shifting towards premium hard liquor. The trend is even stronger among the “under 30” audience. Beer is no longer perceived as a drink of young and active people. The situation is even worse with strong beer which is traditionally associated with a blue collar who wants to get distracted after a hard day's work. In this shrinking market, there is a fierce war for the customer.

In 2014, beer giant EFES RUS decided to break into the spirits’ territory with AMSTERDAM NAVIGATOR. This audacious step required a drastic change in the drink’s design.


AMSTERDAM NAVIGATOR is not just beer from Holland based on the original ancient recipe. The beer has the spirit of Amsterdam itself, a city of endless parties, fun, adventure and rebelliousness. In its design, we decided to use a contrasting combination of black, symbolizing strength, and white, symbolizing freedom and simplicity. Additional red elements add audacity and help the bottle stand out on the shelf. A waving sail symbolizes a confident onward movement and tailwind. It is transferred from the old design and refers to the history of Amsterdam, which was one of the world’s most significant ports in the 17th century.

As a result, the label has acquired the traditional codes of whiskey and bourbon, and the bottle itself became more expensive and whiskey-like in shape.


The bold move of EFES RUS exceeded all expectations – already in the first quarter, its sales increased by 14%. The core of the consumers were young people aged from 18 to 24.

To date, AMSTERDAM NAVIGATOR has a loyal audience. It is a fashionable, youth-oriented brand of strong beer, conveying the atmosphere of Amsterdam and limitless freedom.

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