Association Of Volunteer Centers (AVC)


Client: Association of volunteer centers

Work: New brand development


On the President's initiative, the Association Of Volunteer Centers (AVC) was established in 2014, as a unique non-profit organization. The association consists of a wide range of members:  all age and social groups of citizens, commercial/non - profit and public organizations. AVC offers means for implementing large-scale national and international volunteer projects throughout the Russian Federation.  There are operators of the largest volunteer programs among AVC members: 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi,  2016 IIHF World Championship, the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students 2017, and more. To ensure AVC's scope and success, a fundamental transformation of the brand's architecture was required. We were challenged to develop a logo, brand's platform and evolve an iconic brand uniting all AVC's programs into a single corporate system.


Having analyzed the current situation and prospects for the development of volunteering in Russia, we defines mainstreaming, finding the insights and wording AVC's mission: create awareness to make volunteering a natural norm of life. Principles and values of volunteering are the basis of the brand's new platform.

Design logo solution is based on visualizing the value of being a volunteer: responsibility, teamship, consideration, and goodwill. “Orbit” stands for a unique system similar to the solar system: Being in the center, AVC sets an example and influences  a path for all its members: volunteers, partners, on behalf of commercial, non-profit and government organizations. The visual solution of the brand block enables us to balance the logo with the symbols of partners and individual projects of the AVC. "Satellites' orbit” system is scaled at the brand AVC graphics, used to identify additional bearers: internal documentation, promo garments, souvenirs, and other external bearers.

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