Chinggis khan

Chinggis khan

Client: APU

Work: Redesign


The beer CHINGGIS KHAN –  a premium brand in the portfolio of the Mongolian company APU –  was created in honor of the great conqueror Chinggis Khan, who is the pride of Mongolia and a reminder of its former greatness. CHINGGIS KHAN competes with Heineken and Budweiser in its home market and is also the face of the company in the international market.

The beer was launched in 2013 in support of the vodka of the same name, but eventually, their tandem needed to be divided, as customers formed a negative image of the beer taste because of the similarity of its design with vodka. Besides, it would get lost on the shelves compared to flashy competitors.


Given that the brand was built on such a powerful legend, it was necessary to preserve and develop its authenticity. The symbolic image of Chinggis Khan, a rider pulling a bow, was reinforced by the label in the shape of an arrowhead. As for the color range, it was inspired by the uniform of the Mongolian State Honor Guard.

The new design better reflects the category, while the elaboration of the details emphasizes the product’s quality. The unique shape of the label and the bright color scheme distinguish the brand on the shelf and help it strengthen its position in the local and export markets.

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