Gold Mine Beer

Gold Mine Beer

Client: Efes Russia

Work: New sort label and bottle design


Gold mine Beer Premium Live is the first premium “live” beer in the Russian market.

It was necessary to develop a unique shape of the bottle and label that would look premium and emphasize the idea of ​​"live" beer.


To show the idea of ​​freshness, as if the beer had just been poured at a bar, we decided to create a PET bottle in the form of a glass. The plastic cap creates an image of foam, and the structural design of the bottle imitates the shape of the glass. The label is made in a laconic premium style, emphasizing the shape of the shield which is the symbol of the brand.


The project was successfully launched, not as a limited series, but as a mass product. Due to its unique design, sales exceeded the most optimistic forecasts. Gold mine Beer Premium Live has become one of the most successful beer launches in 2013, with a share of 21% among the new products released in PET.

In September 2016, at the Pentawards festival, Gold mine Beer Premium Live received the golden prize for the design of the decade among all alcoholic beverages in the world.

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