Craft beer


Client: X5 Retail Group

Work: Self-trade mark development


Distribution networks can respond quickly and efficiently to the market's requirements being able to collect almost any data about consumers and provide expertise. Following the growing trend for craft beer, X5 Retail Group decided to launch a Private Label for the retailer Pyaterochka. Our aim was to develop a new line of Haselhoff beer capable to compete in the craft market.


A very thorough analysis of home beer consumers gave us insights into their thought process when choosing brands presented on the market. Having collated them with the preferences of Pyaterochka’s audience, we realized that the prospects of launching craft beer is quite high despite the general opinions of customers. Profits are guaranteed by a large male sefment, ready to buy so-called  “safe” brands: quality, up-market, but unostentatious.

Having analyzed the techniques used in European craft design, we decided to focus on trends which are close to and familiar to our target audience, who in moderation, are open to new ideas:

  • To use modern illustrations, acute unusual shades to emphasize the peculiar features of the product matching an image of an active urban dweller
  • Upon spotting the product on a shelf will see a handmade style and font composition emphasizing the craft origin.

The world-famous architectural monuments being symbols of national self-determination are the basis of the concept. The aim of the concept was to create a brand opposing itself to infertility and globalism not being too “rebellious”. The solution was found in the shape of an architectural theme personifying the balance between human genius, hard work, and modern technology. The design concept was based on Divine Proportion principle, the old books esthetics, and the style of Visionary architecture.


Haselhoff has become a mass consumer's product and was recognized as the best launch of the X5 Retail Group in 2018.

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