Inkerman Classic collection

Inkerman classic collection

Client: Inkerman

Work: Redesign, unique illustration development


Since 2012, retailers have been witnessing a steady growth in demand for domestic wines. By the end of 2016, their share in the sales structure of the largest retail chains in Russia exceeded 30%. The main place in this group is occupied by the wines from the Krasnodar region. Nevertheless, wine critics and experts highly appreciate the potential of Crimean wines. This is due not only to the high, stable quality and historical background but also to the general growing attention to the region. One of the main challenges faced by domestic producers is the outdated brand identity in comparison with imported products.

The Inkerman classic collection is the flagship of the Inkerman Vintage Wine Factory. Inkerman’s "classics" have long been known to the consumer. They have developed their own reputation and perception.

The label design has not changed since 2003. Besides, for a long time, the brand did not have any advertising support in Russia. All of this led to the fact that Inkerman acquired an image of overpriced medium-quality wine.

We were to develop a single design for the entire line, adding a premium feel and building a differentiation system for 17 tastes.


We wanted to develop a label that, on the one hand, would be recognizable to a loyal audience, and on the other hand, would look decent next to Italian and French wines. We have preserved the continuity in design and ennobled the label by working with the details. It is the elaboration of details, the flawlessness of the graphics, and the thoughtfulness of information that represents the main and only tool which should be used in the packaging of the classic wine category.

On the label, we left only the necessary information and structured it according to the priorities of wine consumers of this price category. All illustrations were made in the same style. Their execution, as well as the finishing of all elements of design, formed the necessary price perception.

The new design has increased the value of the brand in the eyes of consumers. Inkerman’s updated classic product line has created clear emotional drivers: history, competence and reputation.

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