Client: Heineken

Work: Limited edition for IIHF-2016


Krušovice is the royal brewery, keeping the beer recipe since 1581. The limited series should have been looking fresh on the shelf, but still without losing its awareness and connection to the brand. It was very important to avoid too straight focus on the hockey theme, to stand out from its competitors playing in the same fields.


In 2016 Krušovice brand became a sponsor of the Ice Hockey World Championship, branding agency “Svoe Mnenie” developed the limited packaging design and corporate style in general for Krušovice. “Svoe Mnenie” has found a connection between competitions at royal tournaments and battles on the ice field, which made it possible to concisely combine the IIHF-2016 and four centuries of traditions of famous Czech beer on package. Red shield, neatly included to the package design, became the solution for this task. And the shield features the golden Cup of the Ice Hockey World Championship.

The back side of the can, instead of repeating the logo, was filled with slogans about the best qualities bringing both sportsmen and fans to gold, giving cans the collector’s value. Fan zone style and promotional materials embraced both royal traditions and modern conciseness.

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