Les Secrets de Boudoir

Les Secrets de Boudoir

Client: Letoile

Work: New brand development, packaging design


Perfumery and cosmetics chain L'Etoile has been operating in the market since 1997. During this time, products of more than 150 world brands appeared in the stores of the chain. Launching its own brand for a wide audience, L'Etoile wanted to combine the best features of each of those brands. A new brand was to become the embodiment of world trends, but at the same time, it had to be affordable. A line of body care products was given the mysterious name "Les Secrets de Boudoir". We needed to develop a concept, break it down into 14 flavors and create the principles of packaging design for different product categories: liquid soap, body wash, cream, etc.


The name implies that the brand has French roots – throughout the company’s history, L'Etoile has been hinting on its French origin.

It was thanks to the French women that a boudoir became a secret room for many women in the 18th century. This is a sensual and intimate place for a woman to be alone with herself – that's why a keyhole became the main element of the concept. It symbolizes the mystery that should accompany every beautiful lady, laces emphasize her sexuality, and golden color - the love of luxury and expensive gifts.

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