New brand of preservs (recently riped corn)
Molodaya kukuruza

Molodaya kukuruza

Client: Bonduelle

Work: New brand development, packaging design


The traditional brand value of the canned vegetable category is not high. The price of the product is the main motivator for the buyer. In this regard, private labels of retail chains are successfully competing at a price that even market leaders can’t match. In addition, there are certain barriers in the consumer’s mind: canned food is considered unhealthy, limiting consumption situation to holiday salads.

Bonduelle decided to change consumers’ traditional attitude towards canned products by extending the line of canned vegetables with Young Corn. The new product manufactured in the Kuban region is supposed to attract a young active audience as well as strengthen the image of the category and the whole brand. Bonduelle Young Corn should become not only an ingredient of a holiday salad but also a healthy alternative to fast food and snacks.


Thanks to a special technology, it takes only four hours for Young Corn to be collected and packaged. We wanted to reflect that feeling of tenderness and freshness of young milky corn, and also to emphasize a special collection period, when crispy grains preserve their natural sweetness and juiciness. The solution was found in a special ripening schedule, indicating the harvesting time and moisture consumption.

The product’s natural and healthy origin, as well as lack of preservatives and sugar, was empathized with claims. The design used traditional codes of natural and healthy products: handwriting, craft paper and wood texture. Bright saturated colors of young cobs in a sun-drenched field convey a taste of freshly ripened milky corn. Selective varnishing of the label (on the cob and grains) allows to actually feel the product.


The new Young Corn line showed excellent results. New customers accounted for more than 45% of purchases in the first year of launch. In general, the launch of the product helped the entire category to grow by 2%. Young Corn restored Bonduelle's leadership position in the category of canned corn and claimed its right to the premium category. 

The research company Ipsos Comcon estimated that the launch of Bonduelle’s new SKU has hit the target audience's insight 100%, which happens only in one out of ten cases in the practice of global branding.

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