New tea brand


Client: May

Work: New brand development, packaging design


MAY-Foods, one of the five largest tea companies in Russia, was preparing to launch a new brand. The company's portfolio already included such established tea brands as Curtis, Maisky and Lisma. The company decided to master the promising niche of the high-premium segment, in which the leading position belongs to brands with the image of quality English tea (30% of the total tea market).


The developed concept conveys the mood of the refined royal-style tea drinking. We combined traditional royal quality with a modern, exquisite, but simple food style so that the design was not too traditional and didn’t remind its competitors.

The brand was named Richard and acquired the corresponding design elements: a golden lion, a stamp of a royal tea sommelier, and unique names for each variety that has "royal" origin.


Since its launch, the brand has shown a steady increase in sales and popularity among consumers. It is sold in 15 countries over the world and is being bought for home, office and as a gift. According to MAY-Foods, as of February 2018, Richard takes the 7th place in the Russian tea market in terms of sales volume.

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