Soko Grande

Soko Grande

Client: X5 Retail Group

Work: Line extension


Originally, private labels were considered by customers as first price products, uncertain quality, and of questionable origin. Today, we are seeing a "revolution" on the Russian Private Labels market. Private labels are presented in virtually all categories and price ranges. These are fully fledged, distinct brands, with their own iconic brand and tone of voice


Private labels are just as good as top-shelf leaders and their design is a present-day answer to fashionably up-to-day trends. Private Labels sharpen their competitive edge in terms of prices through reduced logistics and marketing costs.


Soko Grande is a premium Private Labels of X5 Retail Group, being exclusively sold in Pyaterochka retail chain. Having analyzed data on consumer's behavior,  to encourage situations regarding consumption and attract a new audience, Pyaterochka decides to introduce two new product lines of the brand: classic juices packed in a liter tetra pack carton and modern bottled juice drinks containing healthy flavorings.

Svoe mnenie branding agency was given the challenge to produce a design for the new product lines of the brand.


Soko Grande competes with top-shelf leaders. The product difference is its high quality, natural structure, as well as its distinctive, unusual taste combinations. All these advantages provided value on the design. 


The solution — the classic Soko Grande product line packed in a tetra pack carton —based on the rethinking of traditional category codes was established. There is an original composition of the food zone with a large, juicy image of fruit. It conveys the environmental friendliness of the product and emphasizes its ultimate luxury. Information regarding safety and genuine of the product is enhanced by using an authentic background with green fresh leaves. The product is marked on the shelf with a dark green, contrast bar and forms a powerful brand block. 


The bottled Soko Grande product line can be categorized as functional drinks. This category is a new one for the Russian market — its codes have not been established yet. It is mainly targeted at active and advanced city dwellers, who prefer nutritious, healthy products. The design of the product line is stressed on its content. Transparent glass bottles with a bright, textured mixture of non-food color make its very attractive as a novelty. Having a powerful food zone and a background repeating the texture of the drink, the label makes the product even more noticeable on the shelf.

Composing the drink, Chia seeds are a superfood, which means, they increase its nutritive properties. The user-friendly packaging format makes Soko Grande an ideal product to boost in energy levels on the move not getting out of an active big city tempo.

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