Spring water
Svyatoy Istochnik

Sviatoi Istochnik

Client: IDS Borjomi

Work: Brand Identity, bottle shape and label design


Svyatoy Istochnik (i.e. the holy spirit in Russian) is the first bottled spring water in Russia. It is extracted from a spring blessed by Patriarch Alexy II.

The communication of the sacredness using the traditional image of the temple made the brand very conservative, close only to the adult generation, and confessional.

The task facing the creative team was to find a solution that would preserve the visual connection with the current design, and at the same time would make the brand more modern and open.


The solution was found in the image of a flying dove. Traditionally, the white dove is a symbol of good news and a new life. Today it also embodies purity, flight and good mood. A modern image of the dome with a flying dove is a metaphor that implies the renewal and flight of the soul as well as spirituality.

We managed to convey the brand's new positioning in the design of the label: Svyatoy Istochnik is not just refreshing, it provides an uplifted feeling


The rebranding of Svyatoy Istochnik has significantly widened its target audience and increased sales: in the first year after the rebranding, the growth accounted for 70%, in the second year – for 100%.

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