Jewelry House


Client: Bronnitsy Jewelry Salon

Work: New brand development

Jewelry store “Bronnitsky” opened in 2004, and has been named after its main supplier – Bronnitsy Jewelry Factory. Through 12 years of its existence the store evolved in the major chain of jewelry shops in the region. This required an independent specific name, new corporate identity and an intelligent strategy of switching from its old name to the new one without losing its loyal customers.


The unique, fanciful name “Trimiata” represents three female ages – careless youth, blooming adolescence and respectable maturity. In each of these ages women’s beauty is emphasized by exquisite jewelry.

The brand symbol is a blooming tree, resembling by its form the initial letter of the brand name. It represents the everlasting beauty of a woman throughout her entire life.


Vivid visual patterns used in the key promotional images allowed comfortable switching to the new concept of the jewelry chain. Uniqueness of the new brand name provided additional possibilities for promotional campaigns in Internet, bringing “Trimiata” to the first lines in results of search engines.

The new premium-class corporate identity strengthened the leading position and brought possibilities for further development of the brand.

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