Smooth vodka


Client: APU

Work: New brand, bottle design, label design


Back in the early 2000s, Mongolia could be easily called a modest pastoral country with a low standard of living and cheap goods made of leather and animal wool. Today it is an actively developing state with a rapidly growing economy. Ulaanbaatar is a full-fledged world capital with skyscrapers, shopping malls, a large expat community and rich nightlife. Mongolian business elite actively adopts the western way of life: they send children to study abroad, travel, have a rich cultural and social life.

A growing trend towards westernization is contributing to the development of the nightlife industry.

APU Company, the leader of the Mongolian spirits market, decided to launch a product that meets the new consumer needs. Vodka Velvet is a drink for fashionistas and trendsetters, bringing world trends into the lives of Mongolian youth. We were to develop an appropriate packaging design for the new product.


A trendsetter is an opinion leader with a wide circle of friends. S/he is noticeable, active, and perceives new ideas before others. We developed a concept that reflects the influence of such a person on others, with eccentricity and flamboyance in their appearance and the ability to be the center of attention in any situation.

The similarity of the diverging circles of "influence" with a vinyl record evokes associations with music, nightlife and entertainment, while the dissonant colors - rich orange and deep emerald - make Velvet noticeable and recognizable both on the shelf at the store and on the bar counter.

The product’s velvet and viscous taste is transmitted through a combination of different textures: matte and glossy.


The vodka sales for the first six months exceeded the forecast by 10.4%. A consumer survey showed that Velvet is perceived as a stylish brand with a progressive image.

At international festival Red Dot Design Award 2017, Velvet won in the category "Communication Design", becoming the first Mongolian brand with the Red Dot award.

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