Canned vegetables
Young Peas

Young Peas

Client: Bonduelle Rus

Work: New brand development

Popularity of fast food can be explained by the fast pace of life in a metropolis. A contemporary inhabitant wants to receive right and healthy food, without changing dynamics of his way of living. Responding to this need for tasty and healthy quick meals, Bonduelle decided to assign a special line of canned young vegetables. The launch started from the brand “Young Corn”. The new SKU differs from the classic sweet by the fact that it is reaped earlier than the main harvesting, at a special milky stage, it may be used both for salads or as a healthy quick meal. Results of this project exceeded all expectations. The new brand attracted those buyers, who previously did not favor preserves. In the first year after launch the “Young Corn” has been purchased by 45% of new buyers. It also had a global impact on the preserves category in general, which grew by 2% from adding the new SKU.

Following the success of the “Young Corn”, Bonduelle decided to launch the “Young Peas”, which differs from the classic “Delicate” one by using a special grade: peas are smaller, hulls are thinner, pulp is delicate, juicy and sweet. The “Young Peas” became an ideal solution for both nutritive quick meal, or a light garnish.

Unique advantages of the product also reflected in its design. The label has traditional codes of natural and healthy products: handwriting, wood texture. Bright and saturated colors of young peapods on a field soaked with sun stir up the sense of nostalgia, and bring back to childhood. Spotted varnish finish on the label – on pods and peas – gives the opportunity to “feel” freshness of the product with fingers.

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